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Advert Testing remains one of the key advertising ROI determinants today.

As humans measurement remains a key process by which we are able to tell whether we are making progress in our live or retrogressing. This truth is more critical in the business world as much as it is all other social, economic scenarios. Working across various marketing departments of different companies has made me appreciate the need to measure our actions and to approach this unique field with the detachment of a scientist. Marketing as a discipline is majorly tasked with the duty of connecting the business to the community they serve through various ways like promotions and advertising. Companies therefore have got to communicate to their target audiences in a structure, coherent and relevant form that is clear to all and inspires positive action or behavior. 

In the execution of duties therefore marketing and brand managers have had to rely on market research to decode social trends and fads they can be able to take advantage of to ensure that the communication and promotions arm of the business is still relevant to the people they intend to do business with. Sadly though many times in my work, I have met and interacted with marketing managers who think that market research is a waste of time as they believe that they have all the information they need on their finger tips. Tragically this same group promises their management gigantic results from marketing campaigns but continue to fall flat on their faces and learn nothing. The end-result? management disbelieves marketers are jokers and a bunch of gamblers who should be believed at ones peril.

Ad testing is a time-tasted solution that has helped many marketing managers test their communication messaging on whether it is able to engage the audience, affect the audience emotionally and finally inspire positive action from the target audience. Testing of campaign material before rolling out gives you an inkling of the conversion ability of your campaign which enables marketing managers give safe projections to their management.


Ad testing therefore refers simply  to the process of vetting your ad concepts with a representative sample of your market. When testing your ad, you can choose to test the full ad or even portions of it to ensure you limit the risk of using marketing elements that will not drive mileage to your brand.


The creative aspects of an advert have four times more influence on ROI than media efficiency. This was according to study done by Admap in 2014. Therefore for advertisers to achieve their media investment returns, they have got to ensure that the creative to be used has got the right punch, so to speak. Testing ad content before using it can never be understated. Great media placement can never make good on poor creative—money spent on media is wasted if the ad fails to deliver a memorable impression that will influence purchase behavior.

How to create compelling adverts

  • Knowledge of your target
    we well can be able to pin point who your actual target audience is. You
    might want to ask yourself on whether you have a clear poster boy for your
    brand who can best describe your target audience? Food for thought.
  • Clarity of product/brand value; Before you engage in creating
    an advert, you have got to clearly illustrate the value that your brand or
    product will bring to the target audience. A clear demonstration of their
    need for your product.
  • Write a compelling story; After identifying the product
    value to your customer, you have got to weave your message into a
    compelling story. Remember great advertising does not come off as
    intrusive but as natural reflecting the phenomenon we all face.
  • Make the product the hero; Where as people might
    understand the vitality of the product, the advert has got to clearly
    define the role the product/brand will play in the lives of our
    customers.Your product will offer solutions to their problems and as such
    claim the hero role. Once this is communicated then people will be more
    disposed to purchase your product.
  • Differentiation; Your
    communication or advert has got to demonstrate or communicate the
    differentiating points of your product to other products in the same
  • Include a clear call to action.
    After you have given them a great story, differentiated
    yourself from your competition what is it that you want your audience to
    do. Close the sale by telling your audience to do it or as it is
    technically called include a clear call to action.
  • Aesthetic Appeal. Humans
    are highly visual beings and like it or not aesthetics influence a lot in
    terms of stimulating purchase behavior from adverts. People will respond
    to well designed graphic design or video edits.

In all this one thing stands out clear that ad
testing is essential if we are going to be able to get any positive results
from your company’s media investment. At Adsparko we have developed a method of
ensuring that your ad is tested and optimized pre-campaign, in-campaign and
post campaign. The beauty about this is that we have managed to grow our
learning curve tremendously as we know what will work and what will not work
for your brand. By the end of our blog, we hope that you will go beyond the
wishy washy tales of marketing campaign success that are not based on anything
quantifiable and that you will dig in to study the campaign elements you want
to use before you engage. Remember we are a call or email away to walk you
through this process


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