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Adsparko is a full service 360 degree advertising agency with a passion for bridging the relevance gap between brands and their audiences. We provide the full service from below-the-line, through-the -line and above-the-line communication for brands.

A mix of both scientific data and good old gut instinct is used to fashion great communication campaigns that make the right impression to their target audiences. Our process begins with the team building the case - understanding the facts, clearly noting down the challenges and then designing relevant solutions that will answer the campaign brief.

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What We Do

Creative Design
Our design team uses a combination of art and data to solve client communication challenges and disruption is the mantra that runs our creative development process. Simply put, we get into the minds of our target audience, understand how they relate with a client product then we use art to create the messaging that will make the conversions the client needs. Forms of creative design include; Ideation, Concept Development, Graphic Design, Script writing and Animation and Motion Design.
Public Relations
Managing how your brand is delicate and very important and needs to be given to the best people in the business to handle it. Adsparko PR is here to ensure that you get press coverage for all your events and launches, sources the right sponsorships that position your brand in a positive light and much more. Under the PR desk, our team will offer the following services: Press coverage, Event Planning and management, Newsletter writing, Content creation, Crisis Management, Advocacy, and Corporate Social Responsibility planning and execution.
Experiential Marketing
Whether it is arranging a simple rig car activity to planning a mall activation that will engage your customers with a product sampling, our experiential team of experts has got you covered. It is our duty to make sure your brand is giving off the right experience to your customers. Experiential Marketing can be done through; Bar Crawls, Product Sampling, Rig Car Activations, and Flash Mobs.
Corporate social responsibility
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) lends itself to good news stories and is a source of positive public relations (PR). Make the most of your CSR activities by publicising them. Ensure that customers, suppliers and the local community know about the good that you are doing. Adsparko Communications organizes a number of philanthropist activities which are designed to intervene on the social scene. We have worked with a number of companies in promoting their good will in a number of social causes that have positively impacted their image ratings.
In order to stay on top of mind for your customers, you have got to have the right branding and merchandising partner. Adsparko ensures that you get top of the range branding solutions at the most affordable rates in town. This is done i n different ways; Corporate uniforms, Branded mugs, Key holders, to mention but a few.
Media Buying & Planning
In advertising you want to be extremely effective with your budget, making the right decisions based on not only your gut but also scientific data. Our media buying and planning team is here to make sure that you get the best placements and rates for your advertising material. Depending on the client needs, Adsparko media team will draft a media plan that will deliver reach, recency and frequency all in one.
Media Investment Management
Digital media represents the biggest revolution since the arrival of television. Digital advertising has rapidly narrowed the gap with television as the top advertising medium, aligning well with people’s media exposure.
Digital marketing
Navigating the digital world can be hard without the right partner. Adsparko digital experts are here to come up with a full blown digital marketing plan that will increase conversions, drive awareness and boost brand recognition. Under Digital marketing we have; Content creation, Digital Strategy Formulation, Digital media buying, and Search Engine Optimization.

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